IMPACT is a diverse global organization advocating for arts and culture to transform conflict and build more creative, inclusive societies.

We support those on the ground delivering impactful work through capacity building, making connections and sharing their practice and learning. We learn from existing knowledge to develop advocacy tools, explore cross-cutting issues and connect diverse thinkers from different disciplines to our network. We advocate by organising and attending events and platforms, producing and sharing useful resources, working with partners and networks, and reaching wide audiences.



we’re guided by


Remaining aware of the role of privilege, we work to amplify lesser heard voices and counter power imbalances.


We welcome diverse perspectives, identities, languages, traditions, and worldviews with respect and compassion.


We challenge power imbalances, oppression, and inequality to develop more just relationships based on dignity and respect.


We are open and supportive of diverse ways of being and thinking, and strive to honor each person’s integrity.


We listen, think, and act together across our networks.

we act with


Communicating transparently, we openly and thoroughly engage with data and lived experience


We listen, think, and act together across our networks.


We support artistic and cultural expression offering ways to imagine and enact possibilities for constructive change


Taking steps to mitigate risk, we champion and protect ideas and actions put forth in the face of danger

Meet the team

Lee Perlman, Board Chair (Israel)

Lee researches arts, politics and cultural policy and seeks to understand and influence how artists create social change and open dialogue in conflict zones and divided societies Read More

Kyoko Okumoto, Board Secretary (Japan)

Kyoko is a professor in the Department of International and English Interdisciplinary Studies at Osaka Jogakuin University. She is currently President of Peace Read More

Boneh Roth, Treasurer (Canada)

Boneh is the CFO of Concord Premium Meats, a large food processor in Canada with branches in the Greater Toronto Area and near Montreal Read More

Kitche Magak, Board Member (Kenya)

Kitche is a professor of literature at Maasai Mara University (MMara-U) in Kenya. He has held numerous academic and administrative positions Read More

Carmen Olaechea, Board Member (Argentina)

Carmen has been working with Latin American civil society for over 34 years. She has developed conceptual and strategic frameworks Read More

Dijana Milošević, Board Member (Serbia)

Dijana is an award-winning theatre director, writer, and lecturer. She co-founded Dah Theatre Research Center in Belgrade Read More

Bonface Njeresa Beti, Board Member (Kenya)

Bonface is an international artist-peacebuilder, educator and cultural leader who applies theatre-based interventions Read More

Rosanna Lewis , Board Member (Belgium)

Rosanna is Senior Manager, Culture Responds to Global Challenges at the British Council. She believes in the value of arts and culture for social, environmental Read More

Rosanna Quesada Palm, Board Member (Philippines)

Dessa joined the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) at age 13 and has since devoted her life to theater as a performer, teacher, organizer Read More

Armine Avetisyan, Program Manager (Armenia/USA)

Armine is a peacebuilding practitioner focused on creative approaches to peacebuilding and conflict transformation. She has been involved in nurturing trusting relations Read More

Nagnouma Sako, Bookkeeper (Guinea/USA)

Nagnouma has been the bookkeeper at IMPACT since 2022. She holds a BA in finance and an MBA in accounting. With in-depth knowledge of nonprofit Read More

Cynthia E. Cohen, Senior Fellow (USA)

Cynthia is co-director of the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts (PBA) at the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life at Brandeis University Read More

Polly O. Walker, Senior Fellow (USA)

Polly is of Cherokee ancestry and a member of the Cherokee Southwest Township. She is Associate Professor Emeritus, Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College. Polly earned her PhD at Australia’s University of Queensland Read More

Toni Shapiro-Phim, PBA Partner (USA)

Toni serves as Associate Professor of Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation and Co-director of the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts (PBA) at the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis University.Read More