IMPACT is a diverse global organization engaging arts and culture to transform conflict and build more creative, inclusive societies. We work through making connections, capacity building, and advocating for the field of Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (ACCT).

Our work includes engaging both worlds of research and practice; sharing knowledge, contacts, and best practices; fostering a growing global network; connecting local, national, and global spheres; cultivating relations with universities and foundations to support arts and culture; and devising theoretical frameworks to shape the field.


At IMPACT, we’re guided by:

  • EQUITY: Remaining aware of the role of privilege, we work to amplify lesser heard voices and counter power imbalances.
  • INCLUSIVITY: We welcome diverse perspectives, identities, languages, traditions, and worldviews with respect and compassion.
  • JUSTICE: We challenge power imbalances, oppression, and inequality to develop more just relationships based on dignity and respect.
  • RESPECT: We are open and supportive of diverse ways of being and thinking, and strive to honor each person’s integrity.
  • COLLABORATION: We listen, think, and act together across our networks.

And we act with:

  • INTEGRITY: Communicating transparently, we openly and thoroughly engage with data and lived experience.
  • RESPONSIVENESS: We respond dynamically to relevant threats and challenges, supporting our network in creatively meeting them.
  • CREATIVITY: We support artistic and cultural expression offering ways to imagine and enact possibilities for constructive change.
  • COURAGE & CARE: Taking steps to mitigate risk, we champion and protect ideas and actions put forth in the face of danger.

To collaborate or find out more – just reach out!