We are a diverse global organization engaging arts and culture to transform conflict, and build more creative, inclusive societies.

Empowering Grassroots in Colombia

Together with the Office of Cultural Affairs of the Central Bank of Colombia, IMPACT has supported capacity-building among grassroots arts and peacebuilding organizations in Colombia. This involved gathering human and…

Thinking Partners in Cyprus

In 2020, IMPACT provided support to the Cyprus-based Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival. We co-designed and launched a “Thinking Partners” initiative matching colleagues from diverse locations and areas of expertise…

“Women Writing” in Senegal

Building on the connections and as a follow-up to Creative Approaches to Gender-Based Violence in Africa virtual learning exchange, in 2022, IMPACT supported Les Cutur’Elles for their  Écrire au feminin…

Art and culture transform conflict by opening new possibilities for thinking, acting, and creating together.

In face of complex challenges, from climate devastation to rising authoritarianism, urgent creative action is needed to transform conflict.

IMPACT supports diverse networks from arts, culture, and conflict transformation in building more creative, inclusive societies.