Creating Hope Together: Arts for Inclusive Democracy

Creating Hope Together – Arts for Inclusive Democracy

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 3.00 pm CET | 9.00 am EST | 10 pm JST

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Join us for a thought-provoking virtual event as we delve into the complexities surrounding the rise of authoritarianism across the globe, using a systems theory approach. Against the backdrop of shifting political landscapes, we invite you to explore the trends fueling authoritarian tendencies in various parts of the world.

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Our discussions will lay the groundwork for understanding the multifaceted challenges confronting democracy worldwide.

As we navigate this landscape, we’ll pivot to a crucial question: how can artists and cultural workers serve as catalysts for inclusive democracies? Through intimate small-group conversations, we’ll brainstorm innovative strategies and partnerships to foster resilience and progress in our communities.

Together, we’ll envision a future where creativity and collaboration intersect to amplify voices and fortify democratic values.

Join us in shaping the agenda for future conversations, as we embark on a journey toward meaningful impact and lasting change.

You can participate in our Messages of Hope videos campaign by adding your voice to the campaign


We had an action-packed agenda included:

  • Welcome and intro from IMPACT
  • Messages of Hope videos (add your voice to the campaign here)
  • Interactive breakout rooms
  • Open discussion on pressing topics
  • Inspirational speakers from around the world

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