Creating Hope Together – In Times of Crisis

Creating Hope Together – In Times of Crisis

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Friday, March 22, 2024

The in-depth virtual conversation unpacked the profound role of art in moments of turmoil. The forum provided a diverse array of artists and cultural workers with a platform to share their lived experiences, artistic endeavors, and insights on navigating through times of crisis. The participants collectively addressed the complexities of dialogue, the significance of acknowledging historical and ongoing oppression, and the challenges of fostering empathy and understanding across diverse perspectives. The discussions underscored the role of art in creating spaces for reflection, connection, and potentially transformative exchanges, highlighting the need for context-sensitive, inclusive, and empathetic approaches to peacebuilding and reconciliation in times of crisis.

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We had an action-packed agenda included:

  • Welcome and intro from IMPACT
  • Messages of Hope videos (add your voice to the campaign here)
  • Interactive breakout rooms
  • Open discussion on pressing topics
  • Inspirational speakers from around the world

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The online event is scheduled in different time zones to accommodate as many participants as possible. Speakers might vary based on the timezone, but the topics remained consistent throughout.

  • Timezone 1: 9-11am CET and 5-7pm JST 3.00 pm CET | 9.00 am EST | 11 pm JST
  • Timezone 2: 5-7pm CET and 11am-1pm EST

We took immense pride in our incredible network of believers and supporters who played a crucial role in running our projects and events. We had the pleasure of introducing the invaluable speakers who contributed their expertise at IMPACT: Creating Hope Together

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