Theory of Change for ACCT

There is a high degree of interconnectedness within the network of arts, culture, and conflict transformation (ACCT). Nonetheless, through formal and informal collaboration, IMPACT intends to create an advocacy platform for the field and ecosystem; foster connections to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, contacts, resources, and ideas; and build the the capacity of art and culture practitioners in the field. 

To this end, IMPACT has been building partnerships with international colleagues to increase awareness of the value of arts and culture for conflict transformation among policymakers and funders. In 2020, IMPACT, together with colleagues from the British Council, Prince Claus Fund, and Porticus Community Arts Lab co-developed a theory of change for advocacy in the ACCT field.

Its main goals are to train, mentor, and support young women writers for better leadership, visibility, and recognition. Écrire au feminin is a collaborative project with Amina Seck, author, screenwriter, and director of Cultur’Elles, an organization that promotes women’s rights through the arts.