Virtual Learning Exchanges – global

IMPACT has been organizing global, facilitated online “conversations” in writing that are hosted at Platform4Dialogue virtual space run by Peace Direct. Since 2018, over 2,000 people from various regions of the globe have engaged in learning exchanges in English, Spanish and French that take place over 24 hours. They have focused on issues such as creative approaches to preventing gender-based violence in Africa; creative responses to covid and the pandemic; culture and environmental sustainability; arts, culture and conflict transformation in Latin America; and arts, culture and conflict transformation in higher education.

The primary purpose of these learning exchanges is to invite people to experience themselves as part of a global community of inquiry and practice. Facilitators worked at a high level of professionalism, kept conversations alive, and welcomed the opportunity to take on leadership roles. In some cases, the content has been synthesized into reports shared with key institutions such as the OHCHR’s special rapporteur on cultural rights.