“Women Writing” in Senegal

Building on the connections and as a follow-up to Creative Approaches to Gender-Based Violence in Africa virtual learning exchange, in 2022, IMPACT supported Les Cutur’Elles for their  Écrire au feminin (Women Writing) project with the main goal to train, mentor, and support young women writers for better leadership, visibility, and recognition in countering gender-based violence. Les Cultur’Elles, is a Senegal-based an organization that promotes Senegalese women writers by creating an intergenerational network.

15 young women writers participated in a hybrid writing workshop, worked on their stories under the guidance of seasoned authors, and participated in facilitated discussions about the role of women in ending gender-based violence. Les Cultur’Elles also organized a book fair bringing together authors, readers, publishers, literary scholars, librarians.