Creating Hope Together

IMPACT Creating Hope Together – Inaugural Event

On Friday January 19, 2024 we organized IMPACT: Creating Hope Together During a period when people worldwide were grappling with instability and oppression, we provided an online space to connect, share, learn, and discover hope and creative inspiration together.

We had an action-packed agenda included:

  • Welcome and intro from IMPACT
  • Messages of Hope videos (add your voice to the campaign here)
  • Interactive breakout rooms
  • Open discussion on pressing topics
  • Inspirational speakers from around the world

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The online event was scheduled in two different time zones to accommodate as many participants as possible. Speakers might vary based on the timezone, but the topics remained consistent throughout.

  • Timezone 1: 9-11am CET and 5-7pm JST
  • Timezone 2: 5-7pm CET and 11am-1pm EST

We took immense pride in our incredible network of believers and supporters who played a crucial role in running our projects and events. We had the pleasure of introducing the invaluable speakers who contributed their expertise at IMPACT: Creating Hope Together

Check the event’s report

Join us on Friday January 19, 2024 for IMPACT: CREATING HOPE TOGETHER

We invite you to watch our messages of hope in our youtube channel and we’ll be pleased to have you messages sent to us